medexpedite services

Our Mission

We expedite the selection, implementation and adoption of electronic health records system and the supporting technology, among small physician practices, community health clinics or rural or city hospitals.We provide provider outreach services and project management services to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Regional Extension Centers.

What Can we Do for You?

  • Assess the readiness of your current practice for EHR adoption.
  • Construct your path towards adopting an EHR, starting from your current health delivery operations.
  • Identify bottlenecks and delays which exist in current healthcare delivery operations.
  • Promote PMI aligned project management best practices during your EHR implementations.

We provide you with an organized method to identify opportunities which can lead to significant improvements to patient care, outcomes, and staff work life. Process improvements translate to easier EHR adoption. We provide you an improvement plan, and a path to add EHR technology or to improve your current EHR systems to achieve more meaningful use. We keep you focused on regulation timelines and due dates for proving meaningful use. Why? Qualifying for incentive payments for EHR adoption must occur within the Department of Health and Human Services timeline. Your return on investment will be improved patient safety, increased productivity, and more efficient health care delivery operations.