About Us

We are seasoned Healthcare information technology (IT) consultants and PMI certified project managers focused on assisting healthcare providers to apply proven best practices during the implementation and ongoing use of electronic health records (EHR). Our professionals have spent 25 years working in and consulting with healthcare providers on how best to improve their care delivery processes with the use of IT. We have led electronic health records implementations in the US and the UK, in hospitals and ambulatory settings.

Our professional experience is with large health IT service providers in both the commercial and government sectors. We bring expertise in the area of project management, implementation planning, delivery, and business assessment. We collaborate and manage your IT vendors who bring expertise in specific information technology applications, network engineering, database  architecture, software development, and systems integration.

Market Overview

In February 2009, President Barack Obama signed into law a significant legislative bill – the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that is intended to spur job creation and retention, reinvestment in America’s resources – its children, its businesses and its infrastructure.  Within the bill, there are several related agencies that received allocations to lay a foundation for health care transformation.  These include allocations for spending on health care technology, broadband technology, clinics, health care providers’ acquisition of technology needed to ensure their access to the most current information.  By far the largest allocation is $80B for states to get increased FMAP funding for Medicaid recipients.  In Title IV, HITECH Act,  under the Department of Health and Human Services, ARRA authorizes $36B for incentive payments to Medicare and Medicaid providers to assist them in adopting and using ‘certified’ EHRs.

Clinicians will have to acquire, install and demonstrate that they are using the technology in a meaningful way before they qualify to receive the incentives. Healthcare decision makers, executives, administration and clinicians understand that the stakes are high, and that a wrong decision in the choice of EHR technology can cost money, credibility, market share, and staff morale.

MedExpedite professionals lay out a process for determining which EHR technology is the best fit for your organization. We help you assess your readiness for EHR. We clarify the adoption decision making process, and the measurable benefits to target for the best ROI. We work with you to assess the costs, risks, your staff’s capacity and readiness to change. We help you through the EHR adoption process and support your use through to benefits realization.

EHR Benefits

  • Single comprehensive view of patient data (health, eligibility, history)
  • Role-based access at the point of care to the right data – prescriptions, lab results, patient history
  • Evidence based decision support (patient safety)
  • Documentation and workflow efficiencies (productivity improvements)
  • Clinician collaboration (patient care improvements)